Components of the Schroth program.

Step One: Evaluation

Prior to initiation of therapy, patients undergo a thorough evaluation consisting of:

• Postural examination
• Gait analysis
• Muscle length analysis
• Spinal range of motion measurement
• Scoliometric assessment of the curve/s
• X-ray review
• Curve classification
• Discussion of individual findings

The aim evaluation process is aimed at obtaining the clinical information necessary to determine the patient appropriateness for physical therapy, and to set individual therapy plans and goals. Patients and families will have ample time to ask questions specific to their individual cases.

Step Two: Treatment and Exercise Instruction

Following evaluation and orientation, each patient provided with individual treatment plan. Plans will range in content and progression according to individuals curve. We tailor programs to meet individual needs to foster the most successful outcome. Patient will be guided through the exercises during the treatment session and it is ensured that all aspects of each of the exercises are understood fully. At their first session patients will be provided with a booklet detailing all their exercises, with this the patient will be able to continue with their Schroth exercises at home.

Step Three: Follow-Up

Once trained in Schroth, patients continue exercises at home for 20 to 30 minutes per day, five days per week. The critical period for exercise consistency is through the growing years, but the exercises are designed for life-long use in order to maintain curve stability well into adulthood. Follow up therapy appointments will vary by individual patients.

Typical Treatment Session Content

  • Assessment and curve classification
  • Education on individuals curve and treatment program ahead
  • Manual therapy (mobilisations/massage)
  • Postural education
  • Education on stretching
  • Personalised exercise prescription
  • Practice of personalised exercises in fully equipped Schroth gym
  • Provision of a home exercise booklet