Charmaine (parent of a child with scoliosis)

I can not tell you how relieved and grateful we were that Louth Physiotherapy Clinic began offering Schroth Physiotherapy earlier this year. My daughter was recently diagnosed with Scoliosis. Her last x-ray showed a severe spinal curve of 65 degrees. I was very concerned about the waiting time for her spinal surgery to correct the curve and how much more deterioration could occur while we waited.

When we started the therapy it was easy to understand how the exercises could work. Within 6 weeks of therapy, comprising an hourly session at the practice and daily work at home, the Schroth method has reduced her spinal rotation as well as lowered her ‘rib hump’. It has also given a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the curve and improved her posture too! Right from the start, Sarah has been very supportive, enthusiastic and patient while we learnt the exercises. She has offered guidance when purchasing the few pieces of equipment that are needed to do daily exercises at home. Sarah’s encouragement and dedication to Schroth Physiotherapy, I believe, has added to my daughter’s correction so far, for this I am very grateful.